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F/S Wheels & winter tires

17" Turbo Twist copy wheels and winter tires for a Boxster or Cayman. The guy I bought them from had them on a Cayman, so I know they fit. I had them on a 986, though I used spacers and longer bolts on the back wheels.

I'm asking $450 for the set, including 2 spacers and longer lugs for the rears. I will ship them if necessary. Buyer pays shipping.

The wheels are a bit beat up. Because the twists of the wheel extend out past the sideway, they get banged up a bunch. The previous owner had done a really poor job of touching them up (hand painted the damage), and they've gotten a bit more scratched up while I've owned them. I was going to bondo and repaint them, but since I don't have the car anymore, I decided to sell them as is, and let the buyer finish them as they'd like. Because they were only winter wheels for me, I didn't care much what they looked like.

The front tires are Yokohama AVS Winter tires. 205/50R17 They have about 7/32" of tread remaining.

The rear tires are Hankook Icebear W300 tires. 255/40R17. They have about 4/32" of tread remaining. They are mostly worn out, but might get you through one more winter if you are careful with them.

Here's some pictures showing the scratches and ding as well as the wear (at the indicators).



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