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Originally Posted by RaisedOnPorsches View Post
When in doubt go with the "S". That said test drive both a 986 S and a 987 S. People tend to have rather strong feelings about which generation they prefer (due to size, performance, interior design, etc).

I personally like the looks for the 986 more. While the 987 has more ummph, it wouldn't be enough to have me dish out more money above a 986 S. The only 987 Boxster that makes me weak in the knees is the Spyder, but those aren't at their second round of depreciation yet.

Happy hunting.
I wonder if the spyder will depreciate, I saw one for more than a new base, and the car had 20k miles on it.

But I agree with the others on at least looking at a 986, as they said, the ims is an easy fix with a budget that large. Not only is it cheaper up front but I wouldn't expect much depreciation on the 986 over a few thousand from now to 5 years down the road. Which you could possibly even afford a 911 engine swap on a 986 if you really want power. Many would argue this is the perfect boxster combo with its light weight and purpose built interior.

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