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Originally Posted by New Money View Post
How long is this sale for? I can purchase next week! Haha
Anytime when you are ready, the sales last till inventory sold out.

Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
Note: I ordered a set of these but I do not have them yet installed. So everything I say below is from what I have read here on this forum.

If you have a 2000 or up then they do not affect emissions. Only the first set of cats (that are integrated with the headers) are monitored by the ODBII system. This second set of cats is unmonitored. So no codes on 2000+ because the cats these pipes replace are not monitored by the system.

If you have a 97-99 then these pipes replace the only set of cats in the exhaust so you would have to do something, get a spacer or something for that second O2 sensor.

I have heard that these let the exhaust breathe more freely, and that acceleration response is improved, and also that you save a fair amount of weight by removing the big clunky secondary cats. I have heard that the boxster needs at least one set of cats to provide some backpressure, or else low end torque will suffer, but you will pick up a little extra HP at the top end.

Supposedly it sounds a little better too.

I am looking forward to getting mine installed.


Thank you Steve for chimed in with info's
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