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For Sale: Top Speed Pro/Che Muffler

Up for sale is a slightly used Top Speed Pro muffler. Basically, I put it on the car and wasn't happy with the sound but didn't get to take it off until a couple of days later. So it was used for maybe 100 miles altogether. When it was shipped to me, it already had a few scratches and it got scratched some more during the installation/removal process. Also, the chrome finish is peeling off in some places, and I honestly don't know why. Since it's just sitting around, I figured it would be better in someone else's hands. Considering the used condition, I'm only asking $200 plus shipping (preferably through Paypal). For anyone interested in getting the sound of the top speed muffler and isn't worried about cosmetic damage, here's your opportunity to get it a bit cheaper. For those interested, please send me a PM.
EDIT: The muffler is sold. Thanks for all the interest!

The tips look fine:

But you can see the chrome peeling away here:

and here:

None of the missing chrome is visible once installed on the car.

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