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Well I bought a Boxster a couple of weeks ago. It had a recent clutch job and brakes with mew rotors. I couldn't see pulling the clutch to change the RMS that had already passed during the clutch install. So I immediately ordered a guardian kit from pelican. Along with some other stuff. I started the egg guardian install last night and finished it up today. I can't really hear the buzzer so I stop by RadioShack and bought an external hundred and 20 dB alarm. I'll install that tomorrow and then flush the brake system. It's been an awesome car to drive already put 3000 miles on it and the last couple of weeks. I've been wrenching on jeeps for years and this was the cleanest or something I've ever seen and it's 80,000 mile car. There was only a few small little pieces of plastic in the pan. I was real happy about that. There are a few small things that I need to do that came up from the PPI. Including getting a button for the CDR. But I'd rather listen to the engine then the radio.
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