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I replaced the Titanium colored trim that surrounds the windscreen (windshield) on my 2001 Boxster S.

For those thinking of doing this, one word. DON'T! Seriously, the whole job (removing the old trim and then installing the new one) was a real ********************!

For those who absolutely HAVE to do this, I'll be writing up a DIY on how I did it and the somewhat unorthodox tools I used as soon as I recover from the ordeal.

For the record, I started the job yesterday but in very short order I ran into an OSM ("Oh Sh&^# Moment" - the moment you realize you are in over your head and should have just left it alone).

SO, I stopped and spent the better part of last evening thinking about how to solve the problem. I re-tackled it this morning, armed with a new tool and a LOT of patience.

It came out great (looks brand new) and when properly installed it will not let loose at 100+ mph. The trim is pressed on to the edge of the windshield - the cross section looks like a C. The inside bottom of the C channel has a rubber friction strip that grips the windshield.

I ordered the replacement trim from Pelican (Part # OEM-986541541029A4). Cost was exactly $80 including $11.75 for shipping. That may sound like a lot for the shipping, but since the trim is pre-bent to the shape of the windshield and can't be folded, the box was the size of a windshield! That shipping charge was actually quite cheap! As always, Pelican did an awesome job with the packing - and it's super important because one bend or kink and it's game over.
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