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Originally Posted by dghii View Post
Yes, you need two frunk shocks. As for the other items...

Dash speakers: Does your car have the Bose stereo? If so, and you want to retain theOEM system, you need to look for replacement Bose speakers (eB_y) as they have a very low impedance (2 ohm) and aftermarket speakers may not sound good. I don't know about the sound first hand but can imagine that it might not be quite right.

If you have a stock stereo, consider after market speakers of your choice. There are lots of decent choices in the $30 -$50 range that will provide a very nice upgrade to the stock dash speakers.

Wheel caps are all over the board in price but if you buy used ones, be aware that condition can vairy greatly.

Can't help with the stock but are you looking for a three stock or four?

Hey thanks for the reply!!
I picked up two from the amazon link
I have the stock stereo... so you're suggestion is a great one
Thanks for the word of advice on wheel caps
I am looking for a 4 stalk switch (I have a two stock right now and would like to convert it to 4)
Also, Looking for the toolkit with the jack
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