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Originally Posted by Lobo1186 View Post
I just got to my destination on the road trip i was leaving on when this all happened. The verdict... Battery cable came loose!. I was in my work parking lot, so I had limited options. The battery, alternator and ingnition switch are all brand new. The real ass pain is that with absolutly no power you cannot open the trunks, I was able to coax my passenger headlight out and then pull the emergency trunk cable.

I had been driving over a lot of poorly paved roads the night before and it must have slowly loosened the cable. Now, why did it just die when it was just sitting still? I have no idea. Logic would dictate that it could pop off while moving due to vibration and what not but while sitting perfectly still working one minute and not the next is pretty strange. However, that was the issue. Thanks for all the help though and sorry it took so long to respond.
Glad it was a simple fix. However as you say, in the event that you loose all power you can't open the trunk with the switch. What i have done on mine is moved the cable to where you screw in the front towing eye behind the flap on the bumper. its a bit of a ball ache to do because i had to remove the front bumper to do it (although gave me the opportunity to clear the radiator ducts). But in the event your battery goes flat you can easily open the trunk. Apologies for moving off topic!
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