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Originally Posted by MNBoxster

Not Necessarily... a Buddy had an engine replaced
on his '04 'S' due to Catastrophic RMS and Intermediate Shaft Failure at 4k mi. and Porsche Modified the VIN and Build records to reflect the New Engine as Original... Granted, his attorney threatened litigation, but this was the result... Anyone researching this Car will not find the Engine replacement using the VIN or Dealer accessible records...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
Lots of people would be surprised how often stuff like this happens both in warranty and even out of warranty. I see it all the time from the manufacturers. GM, Ford and DCX are the major ones but everyone does it. It normally goes like this....Dealer does the work (at warranty rate but not under warranty) and the manufacturer makes the payment as Goodwill or Factory Assistance. That payment can either be to the dealer or the customer as reimbursement. By doing it this way the OEM's are able to submit different data to JD Power, etc... on failure rates and customer satisfaction issues since they didn't provide the repair under warranty or admit fault.
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