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Random Starting Issues and CEL

1998 2.5 Boxster Tiptronic 118k miles

I recently had a few CEL codes pop up that may or may not be related to this issue.


The two oxygen sensor codes came up a couple months ago and cleared after a couple days on their own. They came back a few nights ago along with the P0446. I did have an incident where the gas nozzle did not shut off and overflowed about three months ago.

The starter issues began with an intermittent noise on startup that lasted a fraction of a second and was loud. It happened randomly about 3 or 4 times over a long period. While working on my grandparents car it happened before a trip to the store and on the way back. The next day the car would crank perfectly but not start. It took a few tries and then ran fine. It has happened about 50% of the time on all of the starts since then. I will have trouble and it will stumble, then it starts after a lot of cranking, then I can shut it off and it will start normally. I also noticed after the first cranking issue that the next few starts seemed quicker than usual and the CEL came on solid with the 3 codes I mentioned earlier.

I'm thinking the starter is not engaging properly but the codes are throwing me off. Where do you guys recommend I start here? Battery tested fine on DMM.
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