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FS: Boxster 2.7L exhaust, lights, underdrive pulley, oil

Okay, these parts are for sale from a 2000 2.7L Boxster 5 SPD MT
ALL prices include shipping. U.S. Shipping.
If you can pick up parts from Philadelphia, I will give you a lower price. I will post pictures later when I get a chance.

1. Stock Exhaust, 77,000 miles. $299 shipped. Midpipes with cat and muffler.
OR separately
2.1. Used 2.7L stock Muffler. $195
2.2. Used 2.7L stock Mid pipes with working catalytic converters. $120
(Does not include U pipes that connect muffler to mid pipes and does not include new or used gasket set for mid pipes)
50% off if you pick them up in person.

2. Brand New High Performance Valvoline 75W-90 Transmission Oil for MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS. 3 quarts/2.83 Liters. $32.

3. Newer Porsche 3-Spoke Steering Wheel. Brown Leather, Gold Emblem, Airbag included. $835.

4. Stock Used Springs. Front and Rear. 77,000 miles. $80

5. Stock Used Air Intake hose that connects from Intake Box to Throttle Body. $30

6. I know this is random, but I also have a brand new (still in box) 1998-2001 Nissan Altima front axle, if anyone knows someone who needs it.

Payment through paypal if being shipped or cash if in person.
PM me.
00 2.7 5SPD MT

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