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Oil Leak? 2005 Porsche Boxster

Hello everyone

I have a 2005 Porsche Boxster that seems to be dripping oil somewhere between the mid and rear of the car. All winter long it has been stored. My question is how do I check the oil after storing it in the winter for so long. I didn't want to start the car since I don't know how much oil is really in the car still. I turned the key just so that the electronic oil level reader would show up which it did, it showed 3 bars which is good but I know that can't be right. Towards the end of last year I did have to top up oil but I didn't bother to get it checked out since we got a heavy snowfall early and the season was over.

Also if it is just dripping oil, can I just drive it and top up as needed? I will have it checked out to see what the problem is once I make sure I can safely drive it without having to worry that the car has little to no oil left in it. I assume at this point a dip stick option would have been nice than an only digital one?

If my engine is cold how much oil does 3 bars really mean?

Thanks everyone,
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