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RARE Zeintop Porsche 986 Boxster Hard Top 1997-2004 Zeintec Hardtop

RARE, ZEINTEC fiberglass hardtop for a Boxster 986. This hard top will fit models from 1997 to 2004, both the standard and the S versions. The best part is most all assembly is completed including:glass, wiring loom(for rear window), brake light, rear defroster,attaching door weatherstripping and final fitment to vehicle.All the hard work is done for you!All original parts will be included such as electrical connectors and alternative connectors and Zeintec installation guide.The Parts that you will receive are as follows:

1).PRT986752019001-1-Primed Maintop
2).PRT986752118009-1-Primed Hatch
3).PRT986782128001-1-Zeintop Rubber Kit
4).PRT986353128001-1-Zeintop Electrical Kit
5).PRT986277128013-1-Zeintop Centrelatch-cover Kit
6).PRT986277128002-1-Zeintop D/Latch assembly-left kit
7).PRT986277128003-1-Zeintop D/Latch assembly-right kit
8).PRT986277128005-1-Zeintop T/Hinge-Left kit
9).PRT986277118004-1-Zeintec T/Hinge-Right kit
10).PRT986277128006-1-Zeintec D-Ring kit
11).PRT986277128009-1-Zeintop Windscreen inserts kits
12).PRT986277128011-1-Zeintop Brakelight kit
13).PRT986277128008-1-Zeintop Gaslift kit
14).CON986277038001-1-Upholstery Panel/headliner
15).PRT986452128001-1-Zeintop Glass Kit
16).ZLA987427128001-1-ZEINLATCH986/987 (center latch)

ALL the work done was by professionals recommend by zeintec. also this top has never been installed! it's perfect and waiting for you! repainting is nothing now that the base work is complete. I also have it on ebay contact me here or check out the ebay=
RARE Zeintop Porsche 986 Boxster Hard Top 1997 2004 Zeintec Hardtop | eBay

there are pictures there, I can't get the uploaded on here. Shot me some offers!!!
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