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Originally Posted by wild1poet2
I likey the M3. How would the M3 fair against the Boxster in a match up like that.

Adam, you ever match up against one?
Nope, haven't had the pleasure yet but if I ever do I will post it up. I've driven but not raced my Dad's 2000 M5 and it is a good deal faster than my S especially over 100mph. It just has so much more power and torque to cut through the wind at the upper end. The M3 is a mid to low 13 sec car that traps around 105-106mph in the 1/4 with a decent driver. The box S is a high 13 sec car that traps around 102ish mph so the boxster doesn't have a chance unless the M3 drivers is totally clueless on how to drive. On a side not though, the boxster is a more fun car to drive than the M5 even though it is a slower car. I was actually considering a M3 cabbie before I drove the boxster. Once I drove the S though there was no looking back. The M3 cabbie actually weighs 250lbs more than the coupe and is a total pig weighing in around 3,700lbs. That car is marginally quicker than the S because of it's extra heft and it would be more of a "drivers" race than anything.
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