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Originally Posted by Jamezo View Post
I'm replacing the factory premium sound system head unit (CR-220), integrated equalizer, amplifier and CD Changer (CDC3 with magazine) from my 2001 Boxster S. I also have various adapters to hook an iPod/iPhone up to it for charging and playing stored music (ip-BKR2 cable as well as 2 variants). I have the original manual and the code for the head unit. It all works perfectly and sounds great... I just want a unit that has navigation. I'd like $450 for all of it but if someone is interested in everything except the CDC3 (using the iPod/iPhone in AUX instead of CDs) we can work that out as well.

If someone can tell me how to attach photos to this post (I'm doing it from an iPad), I'll be happy to. Thanks!
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