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Parrot CK3000 Evolution Bluetooth addition

Hello all,

I have a Parrot CK3000 Evolution Bluetooth module for sale. It allows you to add Bluetooth to systems that don't have the hands free option. It has the ISO plugs on it so it should just be able to plug in to the back of the OEM Boxster stereos. No cutting or rewiring required. As a DIY project, this would be on the easy to very easy side. Here is a link to what I'm offering.

Parrot CK300

I've upgraded the firmware to the latest version and it now supports most (if not all) of the latest phones with Bluetooth. I was using a Galaxy S III, but I know it supports the S4 as well.

New, these go for $99 ~ $119
used or refurbished, they go for about $60

I'm offering this for $50 (plus shipping). PM me if any of you are interested.

Lapis Blue 03 Boxster S
Seal Grey 04 Boxster S (RIP 9-21-14)

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