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FS: 2003-04 "fresh" Boxster S 3.2 Engine with updates

This engine was the basis for my soon to be released M96 Engine Assembly Book "The M96 Definitive Guide". Its very odd for us to have an engine "in stock" as we are one year backlogged at the present, but this engine was built with a different primary objective.

Because it was used for the book and the concept of this book is to take an assembler through the "rebuild" of a stock M96 engine step by step, the only two items that have been updated are the LN Triple Row IMSB (1K value alone) and ARP rod bolts. The cylinder heads have been extensively prepared and even have new valve springs and etc.

The engine had 27K miles and featured a light IMS Bearing failure that did not include collateral damage. Everything was disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned to like new condition, then reassembled with new OEM components. The parts list is extensive, to say the least.

It even has a new AOS, new water pump, coolant/ heat exchanger, and etc. Sold as a long block as pictured, and its ready to be shipped on Monday, and is already saran wrapped and palletized.

A spreadsheet of components and processes is available via email to those seriously interested. I also have many other photos that can be shared privately, as these are the photos for my book I do not want to post them publicly.

Priced at 13,000 and will include shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA for free.

No core required, but if you have a core I will consider a core exchange on this one. This is a 3 chain 986S engine that will seamlessly fit any 03-04 Boxster S and with slight changes it will fit a 2005 as well. If you are willing to deal with conversion complications then this engine could be fitted to an earlier S or even a base model, but no support is included with this engine, so you are on your own if you choose to do so!

No warranty unless installed here at Flat 6 Innovations, and installation is not included in the posted price. If we install the engine, I will extend my 1 year unlimited mileage conditional warranty as well.

For details email
or call 706.219.4874 ext 627 on Monday

Jake Raby/
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US Patent 9,416,697
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