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Originally posted by 555
Thanks for the info! Just wondering because sometimes I see this terrible lag in like 3rd geer. I'lll give it a decent amount of gas and there's this 1.5 - 2 second delay in response.

Well its definately not wheel spin if the road is dry. I doubt a 2.5L boxster could break the wheels loose in 3rd. It takes serious power to do that. More power than what the boxster or boxster s has. I give my car all I can, and I get some healthy wheelspin at the 1-2 shift, but never in 3rd gear and my car is sans TC. I think the only way you could get wheelspin in a boxster in 3rd, in dry conditions, is to rev it 7,000 plus rpm and drop the clutch. Even then, the engine will probabbly just bog. Never tried it and I dont plan on it because it's real hard on the driveline. So anyway, I don't see why the TC would kick in if your in 3rd gear. I assume it's something else.

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