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Originally Posted by Drphil View Post
well that what i was afraid of, i could have used it i think if i went all 987 stuff from front to back, but my i already have my headers from maxspeed, so i think i will get the secondary cat eliminator pipes and put on a SS Dansk sport hi-flow muffler, more quiet than the borla but brings out a nice sound on acceleration from what i have been told, and a lot less than other systems. even Maxspeed's i have heard had a tendancy toward a drone which i do not want.

if anyone has input based on experience with the dansk or other options especially with or with out the secondary cat i'd like to hear it.


I have the Maxspeed 200 cell sport cats and cat delete bypass pipes on a 2003S with a Porsche Sport Muffler- as others have said, you probably would need custom fabrication as the Borla is set up for 987 pipes. Dansk is probably a good way to go- PSM absolutely the best, but pricey. PSM has nice sound and absolutely no drone.

Importantly, you WILL throw a CEL by using the 200 CEL high flow primary cats and secondary cat delete pipes. If others (including Maxspeed) tell you otherwise, they're ill informed. These OBD II emissions systems are really sensitive to changes -it is hit or miss as to what type of set-up will/will not cause a CEL. I spent a lot of time trying to get rid of it (modified the O2 sensor bungs, etc.)- the only foolproof and permanent way is to reprogram your ECU - a std. ROW tune should do it.
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