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Wanted: Obscure part in Litronics headlight

I'm upgrading the halogen headlights in my 2001 Boxster to Xenon. On the driver side unit I have I noticed that the inside reflector housing is slightly loose. I found that the white plastic gimbal that the headlamp leveling servo motor connects to has one of the tabs broken. I have been unable to find the part number for this. The best diagram I have found online is here but it doesn't appear to show the bit I'm after:

Litronic / Xenon 1999 & Up Headlamp Direction Indicator Light

So in this diagram, what is broken is the piece that the leveling motor (7) rod ball pushes into on the reflector housing. Its a white plastic part that is (thankfully) a separate piece from the reflector housing itself. I have confirmed that this part is not available from Porsche, only the whole headlight assembly. $$$

If anyone has a broken driver side xenon and doesn't mind removing that part, please let me know. Email: croot[at]
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