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Sorry for lack of replies to questions. I had asked for PMís so I would be alerted to inquiries, but have only been responding to PMís since posting on 9 December. Some parts have been sold, but have plenty of good stuff left. Here are answers to the questions on this thread that were not PMíd to me.
The car is silver with black interior.
By alarm module, I assume you are asking about the CLU (central locking unit), which is not for sale.
Headlights are available, halogen units w/amber lowers, could use cleaning and polishing.
Black leather seats are not heated, are power operated except sliders are manual, driverís seat has some typical wear at outboard side but is restorable.
Steering wheel and airbag sold, all other interiors parts (except one sunvisor) are available.
Exhaust is OEM S type (twin pipe outlet), all components and heat shields are available.
Windblockers have been sold.
Do not have CD changer, radio has been sold, outboard amp/Nokia door speaker modules/dash modules/rear speaker module are available.
I have plenty of pics available but have to e-mail them since I donít know how to post them to the forum.
PLEASE PM me if you need specific info, details and pics and I will happily respond. The parts are posted on several Porsche forums, as well as local CL. I just canít keep up with inquiries posted as response to the thread that are not PMís. Apologies to all, and thanks for your interest.
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