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NEW & Lightly USED Porsche Boxster Stuff1

Consolidated my list into one….this is ALL I have left.

Camshaft Locking Tool - for IMS/RMS procedures - helps you lock down the Camshaft….LNE kit only comes with one but TWO ARE NEEDED to be safe...Very Effective - $35

Owners Manual Tray w/ plastic mounting tabs - $10 - or the perfectionist - that wants it 100% how it came from the factory!

New-Spark Plug Tube ($5)
Used-Porsche Heat Shield Exhaust Riser ($30)
New-2 Porsche Axle Nuts & 2 Used Axle Nuts ($20)
New-8 Aasco Lightweight Flywheel Bolts (set) ($18)
Used-Porsche - 2-Clamshell Arm Covers - $35

Shoot me a price and PM about the stuff here or you can reach me on my other email:

See Ya! (not any more - kidding - but it has been a fun ride!)
2002 Porsche Boxtser S - Silver & Chrome - Died from IMS failure AFTER IMS was replaced!

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