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Trimer, brakes are probably the easiest thing to work on. I replaced my pads, rotors, sensors in March. I bought the car in Feb. I just had to replace the brake booster, water logged, while I was at it I replaced the master cylinder and removed the calipers and painted them. I replaced the bleeder valves with "speed bleeders" from Pelican. I got a turkey baster and got out as much brake fluid I could from the master cylinder reservoir. The main thing to remember is brake fluid is corrosive and will damage paint so BE CAREFUL with it and the finish of your car. Then I get some plastic tubing 3/8 I think it will fit snug over your existing bleeder valves. Remember there are 2 per caliper and when purchasing the tubing more is better! I got some empty soup cans and punched a couple of holes towards the rim and put a wire through so it looked like a mini paint can. Put the tubing over the bleeder valves and put the other end of the tubing in the can then open the valve up to drain the rest of the brake fluid. I used the wire through the can to hang it on the suspension. I did this in my garage and left the lines bleed over night. Pressing on the brake pedal will speed the process but I wanted to make sure the line were empty. Then I unscrewed the brake lines and let them drain into the can also. Make sure to mark the calipers front and rears are different. Pedro's website has a good DIY used the tip of using wire nuts to plug the caliper holes. I used brake cleaning fluid to clean the calipers but wish I had went over them with a wire brush after I painted there were some spots where paint did not take as well as I would like. I used one spray can of hi temp ruby red for the four calipers and put several coats on. Then I applied "PORSCHE" decals and used another can of hi temp clear. they look NICE. If you replace the bleeder valves with the speed bleeders like I did they need to go in tight, I didnt screw them in all the way at first and found out the hard way! when I went to bleed the system I had brake fluid shooting out of the bleeders fortunately there was no damage. I have a 99 so now I have to install the booster bellows upgrade to seal the booster to the brake mechanism, another $80 but dont have to dismantle the system again. Oh yeah while I was at it I sprung for drilled rotors so I have a set of slightly used non drilled rotors I will be putting up for sale soon. PM me with questions if you wish.
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