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Originally Posted by BoxsterRS
The engine mounts are what hold engine and dampen engine moving when accelerating. On I found another guy that changed his mounts on his 98. Also found that 98 boxster had a rubber bushing that wore out quickly. Everytime I accelerate hard it makes sort of a clunk noise that comes from the engine. If there is anyone with a lot of knowledge about this matter please do so and correct me. Also, would it be better to upgrade mounts to polyurethane or buy new 03spec and up mounts that fix this problem by adding a metal plate at the end of each side of the rubber?

The first thing you need to do is verify that it's the Mounts. These are Mucho Expensive and so you don't want to replace them needlessly.

Get the Car on a lift and startit and rev the motor all the while looking at it from underneath for excess movement. It could just as easily be a loose Exhaust Mount or Heat shield causing the problem.

Also, stay with OEM. Poly Bushings (if available) will not be reliliant enough and will make the shutter harsher and be much noisier too.

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