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Opinions on brake caliper and wheel color

Nine8Six and particle wave, your expert brake caliper simulation and reference photo has brought me to a final decision lol. I'm going with a green themed brake caliper and trim accent job.

I've decided to do the brake calipers in the new acid green porsche color for their hybrid vehicles.

The trick will now be getting porsche to give me a bottle of it for my brakes (never gonna happen). I might go to a local auto paint shop and see if they can mix yellow and green caliper paint to give me that look.

In addition to the calipers, I'm going to add the side stripes like in the 987 photo I posted earlier. I'll probably put that stripe in black to match the painted rims or a ghost silver to match the stripe, but I'm going to try to have 986 written in acid green.

I'm going to have the side view mirrors two toned such that the now silver part will be gloss black and the underside that is now black will be acid green vinyl wrap... Like this

Finally, I'm considering having an acid green boxster vinyl put into the spoiler for when it goes up.. Maybe overdoing it with that.

I'm also looking for possible wheel caps in an acid green theme or possibly lining the inside of the tire, where it meets the rim, with an acid green stripe to seperate the black tire from the black rims...

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