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Opinions on brake caliper and wheel color

I'm trying to add some dimension to my arctics silver boxster and naturally, I think coloring the brake calipers and rims will help do just that. So far I've added an offset stripe and porsche badge to the back, but now I'm concentrating in the side view if he car.

I have a boxster base with a carrera front end and carrera rims. For brake caliper colors, I really like red, though it is 'reserved' for the S. But I'm thinking, since the car is already pretty unique with its front end, offset stripe, and iPad mini in-dash installation, I might as well give it a unique caliper color too. Currently, I'm bouncing between a line green color like in the photo below or a Mexico blue color instead. The rims will almost certainly be changed to matte or glossy black and I'll add a side stripe in the color that matches the caliper. Any suggestions or photos of your boxster are appreciated

Green calipers

My car

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