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Originally Posted by ekam View Post
Cheap out on tires on a Porsche is like wearing an Armani suit with sandals.
Exactly. That's why it's either the Mich or Good and not Sumi's again. These are the two most expensive options. I went with a set of Sumi ZR II or some such a year and 10k ago to get me home from L.A. because that's what was right there on the shelf. Lots of noise now and inside edge bald.

For comparison to help decide, I do not track it but do step on it and keep my RPMs up. Last winter I went all winter with the Sumi's and really had no problem as I do drive sensibly in wet and freezing weather and on the worst days I just bring my Ranger 4x4 home and leave the PB at the shop. It's just 15 minutes away.
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