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Originally Posted by Parker986 View Post
Perfectlap - Wow, great information. No, this will not be my daily driver. The only reason I was considering the A/S tires was because the Super Sports do not come in sizes needed for my 17" rims. Or, the other way around, the primary reason for considering purchasing new 18" rim was to be able to put Super Sports on them.
My car is not a daily driver. In fact I ride a fixed gear bike most days. My driving is entirely weekend but year-round. Even then I switch over to winter tires by thanksgiving. After one close call on the highway over some ice one side and an 18 wheeler on the other I decided not to take any chances. Actually on snowy days I don't even bother to go out if I can avoid it simply because I see so many people missing turns because they're on these all-season tires which are not at all suitable for driving over ice, or snow that's anything more than sprinkling. The best way to avoid an accident is to have a car that can make the corner every time. Ice is the big enemy not so much snow, the former you get all the time during winter.

If I were you I would get some Blizzak's for your 17's. And in the spring opt for the 18" Forgestar F14's with the new RE-11s or similar sticky rubber.
Winter tires last forever and ever and you're pricey rubber will last a whole lot longer since you'll only be using it during sring/summer/early fall.

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