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If you drive this car daily in Ohio I would not go for the A/S. Those tires are are too big a compromise over ice, only marginally better than a summer tire. And the tread pattern can't work in both summer and winter simultaneously. I have dedicated winter tires on replica wheels and even then I've been in some very dicey situations where I left the house in nothing more than cold with a light sprinkling possible and ended up in just enough snow that would have made A/S's useless since my winter tires were just barely getting the car up hills
And in summer A/S's do not hold a candle to a summer tire. Personally, and just my opinion, I don't understand the logic of compromising any Porsche for convenience, certainly not a nimble convertible. And definitely not at the cost of safety.

As for the wheels, make sure you can order just one wheel if you need to replace one due to cracking before you buy all four. And ask how much to replace just one wheel. If this wheel is anywhere near 30 pounds and are running a heavy A/S tire, you are very likely to crack one of the rears if the roads are harsh enough. Then you are out a tire and wheel, $450 problem just like that. One that doesn't need to become a $700 problem if they will only allow you to buy replacement wheels in sets. Also ask about the weight, if you want to keep the rattles down and keep your gear from running out sooner, avoid 30 pound and heavier wheels.
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