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Originally Posted by Perfectlap
I'm fairly certain I saw this on CNBC and the claim was that there are a few brands that do not import ANY of their crude from the middle east.
While I agree there is chemically perhaps no difference in unrefined crude, economically its a big a difference one should consider before buying.

"America is addicted to oil from unstable parts of the world" Dubya
I kind of doubt that a company would choose not to purchase a commodity for the best price - but maybe so. The middle east actually accounts for about 17% of our imports or about equal to the percentage we import from Canada.

My actual point is not about whether the gas is chemically similar. My point is it's the SAME GAS. When you buy Chevron gas you might actually be getting oil imported by Conoco and refined by Citgo. It's then pumped through pipelines to bulk storage terminals which serve all gas vendors.

As such, it's literally impossible to buy only non-middle east gas since there is no way to know where it came from. However, if you feel strongly about the subject, and you apparently do, I suppose you could still only buy gas from Gas Stations whose parent company doesn't at least import from the middle east. Your gas might still have come from there - but at least the company you are patronizing doesn't buy there.

By the way, if we're avoiding oil from "unstable parts of the world", then we're going to have to stop importing from Columbia (1.5%), Ecuador (1%), Venezuala (11%), Algeria (3%), Nigeria (7%), Gabon (1%), and Angola (3%). Thus leaving only Canada (17%), Norway (2.2%) , U.K. (3.6%), maybe Russia (2%), and maybe Mexico (13%). Bottom line - we've got a lot of work to do!

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