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I was out at Rengage (Nevada, you can throw a rock from the strip to their shop!) two weeks ago to visit with Scott, the owner. I'm in CA, so it's not as straight forward a swap as for you in other states, but there is a good chance of getting an eRod engine (the 430 HP LS-3) to work AND pass smog. (BTW, i am meeting with a smog referee to discuss details in the next few weeks and will be happy to post updated for anyone interested).

Scott took me for a ride in his wifes Boxster S with an LS-2 that he says makes ~400 hp. I will tell you that it is a WHOLE different level. Absolutely amazing. Now, I have a '72 Pantera that makes over 570 hp, so I know a little about power. The Boxster felt more immediate with the LS-2, the power came on quickly and literally shot the car forward. He was doing a lot of steering and pedal modulation to keep it going straight, but that power was addictive.

I love my Boxster S because it is so well balanced. Great fun to AX and take on the track. But powering through corners just isn't an option with a stock engine. The LS-X swap gives you a completely different way to drive the car.

I'm not 100% this is something I'm going to do, but I have 115k miles on the engine and have NOT done the IMS. I do AX it and track it 4-5 times a year, so I am just looking at options for future...
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