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Originally Posted by Perfectlap
I'm fairly certain I saw this on CNBC and the claim was that there are a few brands that do not import ANY of their crude from the middle east.
While I agree there is chemically perhaps no difference in unrefined crude, economically its a big a difference one should consider before buying.

"America is addicted to oil from unstable parts of the world" Dubya

In principal I agree with you. But, practically speaking, if we restricted our purchases to non-Arabian Crude Oil, prices would rise.

But first, realize that Oil imports are down by in excess of 15% over historical high levels (as a comparison of Oil $ as a % of GNP) in the US, due to some environmental concern, but mostly more efficient vehicles.

And it's a common misconception that all the Arabs are unfriendly to the US. Our #1 importer is Saudi Arabia (an ally - small case), followed, in order, by Mexico, Kuwait, Venezuela and then the United Arab Emerates (UAE). These are all our friends and reducing these imports, and the subsequent revenues generated for these countries, could have an unstabling effect for them politically.

Most of the Oil from the Bad Guys in the Middle East, is sold to, and consumed by, Asia, principally Korea, Malaysia, but especially China (PRC).

So, if you want to be patriotic, and at the same time conserve Oil, stop buying Goods made in China. That has a double effect of reducing Oil consumption worldwide and protecting the US economy as our Trade deficit with the PRC is the Largest and getting larger. We want what they make, but they don't buy what we make creating this deficit...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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