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Also, you have to understand the Gasoline Infrastructure. If you live in the middle states, your Gas is probably refined in Texas and sent to your area via pipeline.

Your Oil Company may add 1 million Gallons to the Refinery (which then taskes about 10 days to get into the pipeline). The local Distrubutor may pull 1 million gallons from the pipeline today for sale, even though the Crude they sent to the Refinery isn't refined yet. So, they are pulling someone else's Gas from the pipeline, and so on.

The Oil Companies spend massive amounts of money on Marketing their products so you believe they're better than everyone else's. From some of the comments received in this thread, it appears to be fairly effective.

Fact is, it's much more important to buy Gas based on the local Retailers. Buy from reputable retailers. Last fall when Gas prices spiked, I saw one small independant retailer adding water to their underground tank with a Garden Hose! Adding 500 gal. to a 25,000 gal. tank would probably have little effect on the Car (most Cars ECU will compensate) but, at $3/gal., that's a hefty extra profit for the retailer. Also, dirt and moisture accumulate in underground tanks. You should try to buy your Gas from the Busiest station in your area, because their Tanks are constantly being Flushed and filled with fresh Gas and so will accumulate much less contaminates and moisture.

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