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Originally Posted by denverpete
Again, there are absolutely no differences in the base fuel (pre-additive) between brands at the pump. Some brands might have different purchasing guidelines for crude - but that doesn't affect what you buy at the pump. Bulk Terminals don't store fuel by "brand" just by octane. Your Chevron gas comes from the exact same storage tank that supplies Wal-Mart, Costco, Texaco, and every other fueling station in your region. The gas in the storage tanks might come from a Chevron, Texaco, or Sunoco refinery (or even all three). But, you would have no way of knowing where it came from.

Agreed 100%. To add. at the Refinery, they don't maintain or process the Crude separately either - it is all mixed together before refining.

This is because the different sourced Crudes all have slightly different content with respect to Sulphur, Water, and some other elements.

Refining the Crude in Bulk allows for greater quality control and a much more homogenous end product, not to mention the cost savings over processing the different Crudes separately...

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