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Jim, yes, the dealer wanted $280 a sensor plus an hour of labor at $100... he said that was a good deal for the labor, by the way, and I was being "cut a special price."

It's hard not to laugh sometimes.

The same dealer wants $850 for a MAF and an hour installation as well.

When that goes out I'll replace it myself as well... and it's a lot easier from what I read.

Thank you for the tip about disconnecting the battery and the anticipated rough idle as the DME works it all out. I will do that tonight and see what difference it might make on the old butt dyno

What's "MIL" stand for, anyway?

Tires - yup, I did save enough for new rubber, which I need, but I'm holding out to put new rubber on new 18's like Jeph did... those aftermarket carreras with the proper boxster offset at 995.00 are just too sweet of a deal to pass up!
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