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Good for you! Agreed, the feeling from doing it yourself is priceless.

One Tip which may help - Disconnect the Battery for 5 min. and then reconnect it. This will clear the DME's Adaptive Memory so it can learn again. This may add some performance as it adjusts to the new Sensors (Car will idle/run ********************ty for the first few minutes/miles, but will improve as the DME learns).

You may not get a MIL with older OČ Sensors because the DME can compensate for their diminished operation, but that doesn't mean that everything's running optimally. I would suggest to others that 94K is too long to be on the original OČ Sensors. These do fail progressively, meaning that you get increasingly lower performance and MPG. Bosch (OEM Supplier of Porsche OČ Sensors) states the Life of their Heated OČ Sensors to be 60k mi.

Interesting about the costs, but I can't make the math work. I assume you mean the Dealer wanted $280/OČ Sensor, then an hour Labor. $100/hr. Labor Charge seems quite reasonable.

One good way to look at the money you saved is that your next set of Tires is now essentially FREE!! Gotta LOVE that!! And, you're not through. Bosch estimates that fully functional OČ Sensors will save the average driver $100/year in Fuel as well!

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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