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Talking Replaced my 02 sensors myself

Some of you are really good turning a wrench. I'm doing it only because I don't want to give all my money to Hans, my mechanic.

So, I jacked up my car, located all four sensors, went to Pep Boys, bought an 02 sensor offset socket, and did the job in about 40 minutes. Hardest part was threading the new ones in and not getting the tips dirty.

No CE lights after a long idle, multiple on and offs, and spirited freeway driving! Just in case you're wondering, it did not increase my engine's performance according to my butt dyno.

I'm thinking I'll get better fuel economoy though. The old ones had 94k on them and were very dirty.

I must say that this is a job that just about anyone with a jack, a jack stand and an hour can do themselves.

Dealer Quote: $1220 ($280 for the sensors and an hour of labor)

Actual Cost: $485.99 (Sensors - $119 each; Sensor socket $9.99)

Feeling I had inside after doing it myself and saving all that cash?: Priceless!
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