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"Brucelee, I bought mine from a Porsche dealer and later received a Stainless silver box from PCNA with a letter stating the car was given the 100 point inspection and was a "Certified" Porsche car. The car is a 1997 with very low miles. I have nothing from the dealer stating this and am curious if the 2 year "Certified" warranty would apply to this vehicle. Car has been perfect to date but then its only just touched 11,200 miles. Seems you know your stuff, just curious here"

If the car has any kind of Porsche extended warranty, this will be indicated in the computer system in the service dept of any Porsche dealer. You can check any old time.

However, since the EW is a 6 yr/100K warranty from the date of inception, it is unlikely you have the Porsche extended warranty.

Let us know!
Rich Belloff

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