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Intermediate crankshaft

I think it may have been the intermediate instead of just the "crankshaft" itself. I'll admit that I'm not too technical when it gets down inside the engine itself. When I get the car back, I'm sure I'll receive the full explanation.

As for thoughts on the cost of ownership for the car, I'm definitely glad that I was able to buffer the costs of the engine replacement with the warranty. It's certainly one of those "luck of the draw" things but ultimately, I think new Porsche owners need to be prepared for this type of out-of-pocket expense. I personally "budgeted" about $200 per month worth of maintenance for the car just for planning purposes.

As far as the teardown goes, I believe it's standard practice. The two guys from local dealers that I spoke with both concurred that it's pretty much standard.

I'll try to talk to the dealer to see if they can cut me some slack on the remaining amount - although it just doesnt' make sense that the warranty company would not reimburse in full.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.
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