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Originally Posted by Pilot2519j
Very instructional reading. You must be a mechanical engineer! Appreciate your insight on the subject. I do use premium all the time. Money wise it does not hurt the bottom line in my daily usage of 20 miles a day therefore I use the premium gas. I am a firm believer of what the manufacturer recommends for the car. Whether it is tires or gasoline I follow the prescribed recommendation.


Thank you for your kind words. I am not a Mechanical Engineer, but do have an Engineering degree, also a Science degree and I took waay more Chemistry than any Human Being should ever have to.

The truth is, I've hung around Motorsports for so long, that you learn this stuff by osmosis if nothing else. Also, I have a longtime friend with whom I co-owned and raced a Formula Ford some years back. Coincidentally, he is the Safety Director at the Ashland Oil Company Refinery at Pine Bend here in Mpls., where about 80% of all the Gas consumed in the State is refined, so I've had the $0.25 Tour several times...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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