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Originally Posted by shuiyuan
you guys made me think to give up to buy that car. 15000 is all i have now, i didnt even have money to paid the tax in DMV(who can tell me how much will be the total to transfer the title under my name with everything in CA?) i have one other car, i am planing to drive this boxster 3-4 time a month( 1 time each week) and i will leave it in my house all the time. yea, i am Crazy!
i like prosche but i didnt know that car is very unreliable!
now i am thinking to buy a CHEV Corvette may be that car will better than boxster??! , becasue i can pay same money or little more to get a decent corvette?
Do no let all the stuff you see on the board scare you. Many of us turn to this board to help fix problems with our Boxsters,big and small. Rarely does someone post "wow I had a amazing time driving my Boxster today for the 1000 time and no problem to date". Please do not buy a Corvette unless you want to go fast,very fast. They lose their value EXTREMELY fast,even more then a Boxster. The transfer fee for the DMV is $15. Now if you are to say $15k for the Bill of Sale then you will pay around $800 in tax,now you could say it was a gift for a low price,(cough)$7.5k.
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