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about the enjoying it most of all part...

This comes too easily and will blind you in the purchase. The better way to buy an old Boxster is to create a scenario like this:

1) You are being forced to buy a Boxster against your will.
2) You are allowed to pass on any Boxster where you find at least $200 in needed repairs.

Take this attitude and you'll get yourself a Porsche you'll really enjoy and won't be cussing about when it's in the shop or you're replacing the RMS, the motor, the tranny, the window regulators, struts, coolant overflow tanks, top transmission cables, control arms, the instrument cluster, the crappy stereo they put in 97's that dies after 6 years, the missing headlamp tool, the missing keys, the missing manual, ... shall I go on?

rdancd816, you did your homework and got one sweet, low miles 1997. Sure wish I had bought your car instead of mine. What did you pay for it anyway? Our new friend needs to know that.
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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