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133,000+ miles. Purchased 3 months ago, already put over 7,000 glorious miles on her. I take the long way to work each day now, with extended weekend trips.

Two oil changes : first found small brown nodules in filter, less then 1mm in size, and 1 very thin sliver of metal. My specialist said brown nodules are normal and from timing chain guide, and the sliver if metal is aluminum, so not the IMS. Second change filter looked much better; keeping them at 3000 miles. Changed transmission oil, which was a beautiful metalflake gold color; just something you hate seeing in a car however. Probably never changed, and a definite improvement. Still need to do all the basic's of plugs, brake fluid and coolant flush, other filters. Drives magnificent!

Hope to get to 150,000 miles by next summer!
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