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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
Instead of magnetic numbers, I'd suggest using vinyl stick-on/peel-off numbers. Yes, they are one-time use, but they are cheap, won't damage your paint, and won't fall off. They go on in less than a minute and come off just as fast. Any local sign store should be able to create them for you, no reason to use an expensive "racing" online store. Mine cost $1 a sheet. I'd be glad to send you a sheet (with number 254) if you wanted to evaluate them and try installation/removal for yourself.

I was think of getting background squares magnetic , and magnetic numbers .
Hoping having double would stop them falling off ...

But I like your idea better .
There is a sign shop within walking distance .
Ill go see them on Monday !!

If they can't help ill get in touch with the guy who made the boxster side stripes .

Thanks for the tip tom .
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