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I often wonder if that artsy customization won't evenutally backfire. Some of those 911's he leans towards are very difficult to find now. Unlike these 911's the 993 and 964's for the most part are not quiet old enough yet where most of the owners have neglected them. And showroom 993 and 964's will probably never be hard to source since the typical owner looks after them. At any rate, those 1960s and 1970's Carreras may be worth huge money some day and typically the more original and unmolested they are the higher they are worth. A 550 recently sold for $3 million, which tells you the potential. The last thing I would be doing is monkeying around with these particular 911's when so many other newer, safer, better handling Porsches can be used for Hossier time.
But I would be mimicking Walker in finding an abandoned space to rehab and filling it with 60's and 70's Carreras and some 80's. Which is exactly the type of overhauls my indy does, if I were him that's all I would be doing.
A 'certified' 60's and 70's rebuild from a master mechanic carries its own premium.
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