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Perfectlap wrote:
"...have all the 914 banned from events. THEY ALWAYS BREAK DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENT!
spill oil all over the racing line ..."

Back when I had the 914 I took it to a PCA auto-x class in the spring of the year.
One of the exercises was 3-lap skid pad, theoretically done so you could learn some throttle steering, etc.
Three laps around a skid pad was no big deal for the dry sump 911s, but with my wet sump 914, the oil all sloshed to one side, up and out I don't remember where exactly. When I got done with the run, it deposited about half the sump contents onto the pavement in a big puddle.
In a couple years running that car, it never failed on course. But I still remember that puddle.
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