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Such a car is not totally beyond the realm of possibility, particularly now that Porsche has or soon will have 20% of VW.
The 914 was marketed everywhere but the US as a "VW Porsche", and I would expect something similar if it were sold through the VW dealer network. I don't see it being sold through the Porsche dealers.
A Boxster-based 2,000 lb speedster would find a lot of buyers. Maybe resurrect the 2.5 liter engine at around the same 200hp. At 10lb per hp, it would move.
Don't know if you could actually strip almost 1/2 ton out of the Boxster, although going to a fiberglass panel Targa top of some kind would be a start. Maybe whack a few inches out of the wheelbase and forget about carrying golf clubs.
My long-gone '73 914 2.0 is one of my all-time favorite cars. A real sports roadster, even with the anemic engine.
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