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Originally Posted by Brucelee
If the margins are not there, I don't see Porsche going this way UNLESS they see this as one way to help VW.

Put another way, perhaps a slower and rebadged Boxster makes its way into the VW lineup.

That would make me gag!
I believe that VW had come up with a nice kick ass roadster from a concept car they had shown in Europe. Why would you thnk that the would use a rebadge Boxster? Porsche doing that would be killing the Boxster marque as I see it. Pretty stupid and lame. As far as the initial question the issue of building a smaller roadster I think not really since Porsche has two new major products in construction , Panamera sedan car, and a smaller Cayenne and if you add the Cayman to the equation and back to prototype racing that to me seems a lot on their plate. The smaller Boxster or a more affordable Porsche for now I believe is a non issue.
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