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Fuel Filler Neck Vent/Bleeder Valve Issues? End The Aggravation!

If you are having trouble filling up your Boxster with gas, your check engine light keeps coming on, your car will not enter a “ready state” for a smog test, or you hear a howling sound like someone is blowing across the top of a Coca-Cola bottle you may have a faulty fuel line vent valve.

This is a very frustrating problem but we have a solution! Replace your vent valve easily in under 2 hours with a just a few sockets and wrench!

Click here to purchase a new Genuine Porsche fuel vent valve for your Boxster and end the aggravation!

Not sure what the fuel filler neck vent valve is or if it may be the cause of your issues? We highlight the part here, check it out:
Porsche Boxster/996 Fuel Vent Bleeder Valve - YouTube
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