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Originally Posted by Verhag View Post
Curious.....I have less than 1000 miles on 2000 S....experiencing the same "clunking" from what seems to be right rear. To me it gets more pronounced the more the car warms up...when I pull out of garage it feels like new, tight,solid like one comes to expect in a German car....then affter afew miles, any little bit of rough road results in this "clunking" noise from rear end. Top down or up, the same. Sway bar is tight. Should I start with rear track arms (look like tuning forks) or front motor mount?

Willing to do it all, but I prefer to start one component at a time....suggestions?
My noise is more like "clock, clock..." when driving through bumpy rough roads at under 45mph (no noise at highway speed). The Porsche indy stated it's the rear trailing arms but he said there is no safety urgency to replace them just annoying. I'm planning on replacing them next spring.
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